Committed to be the New Energy Technology Driver

Committed to be the New Energy Technology Driver

Release Time:2015.05.18    Source:Trannergy

With the shortage of energy and environmental pollution, solar industry is growing faster these years. In 2014, the new global installation capacity is 47GW and the total amount is over 180GW. The solar market in China, Japan and US, especially in UK, is growing very fast. At the end of Q1 of 2015, the total installation capacity in China is over 30GW and may surpass Germany to become the largest market across the world. Meanwhile, with FIT and policy revolution, more and more commercial and residential customers are interested in roof-top PV projects.


Security is the precondition to ensure the PV plant’s operation and IRR

What is the most important factor in PV plant investment? IRR, competitive price, low carbon or security ? At SNEC 2015 in Shanghai, Dr. Zheng Hongtao, general manager of Trannergy indicated that,” No matter how you consider, security is the precondition to ensure the PV plant’s operation and IRR. As we all know, solar inverter plays a key role in a PV plant because PV plants need to operate for 25 years or even longer. Now, the reliability of the solar inverters is the topic as in the eruption of domestic PV plants.

High insurance is our promise to customers and our confidence to our products

Trannergy’s full line of products is insured up to a maximum of $3,000,000 liability insurance by CHUBB, said Dr. Zheng. According to the insurance, the global customers, including in UK, France, Netherland, Australia and China, will get benefited and protected. For any personal injuries or property loss caused by Trannergy inverter, our customers can claim with the insurance company.


Dr.Zheng said insurance is their promise to customer and confidence to their inverters. Since its establishment in 2010,tens of thousands of Trannergy inverters have been successfully running in residential roofs and commercial PV plants of more than 40 countries, including UK, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Austria, Italy, France, Ukraine, Belgium, Mexico, Sri Lanka, East Asia etc. All key components are from brand name suppliers, and every inverter are tested thoroughly before shipment – Function test, burn-in test and grid-tied running test to ensure the long-term performance of our products.


To be the pusher and driver of distributed PV projects in China

Based on thousands of projects before, Trannergy’s solar inverters have been successfully installed in over 2000 rooftop PV stations across China, including Shanghai, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Hubei, Guangzhou provinces and etc. We are committed to developing high efficiency, high reliability and best value for money PV inverters to meet the growing and changing market demand.

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