After-Service Warranty

Standard Warranty Period

The standard warranty period is 60 months from the date of installation and no more than 66 months (5.5 years) from the date of shipment from Trannergy Co., Ltd.

Extension of Warranty

The purchaser may apply for a warranty extension up to 12 months following the installation date or 24 months from the date of shipment (whichever date comes first) from Trannergy by providing the serial number of the unit and purchased receipt. Extension warranty can be purchased for extra 5, 10 or 15 years for all inverters. Please refer to the Warranty Extension Order Form for more details.

Liability Insurance

Trannergy inverters are insured up to a maximum of $3,000,000 by Chubb Insurance Company Limited.

Warranty Claim Procedure

Please report defective device with a brief error description and SN code to our service mail or service hotline for registration. Alternatively, please contact your specific dealer or installer if your unit is defective or faulty.

To claim the warranty under the warranty terms of Trannergy, you need to supply us with the following information and documentation regarding the faulty unit: (email to our service mail is highly recommended)

- Fill the warranty card including the following information:
       Product Model No. (e.g. PVI 5400TL ) and serial number (e.g. PVL5400N12805020);
       Error message on LCD screen (if available) or any information that would be helpful to describe the situation;
       Detailed information about the entire system (modules, circuits, etc.);

- Documentation of previous claims/exchanges (if applicable);

- Copy of the invoice and warranty certificate for the inverter;

- Copy of the installation receipt with installation date;

After receiving above information, Trannergy will decide how to proceed the service:

- Provide a replacement device of equivalent value according to model and age, and compensate the labor cost for the replacement , or;

- Perform on site replacement by Trannergy when necessary.

In the case of an exchange, the remainder of the warranty entitlement will be transferred to the replacement device. In this event, you will not receive a new certificate, as this replacement will be noted by Trannergy. If the unit needs to be replaced following assessment, Trannergy will send a replacement unit immediately. The defective inverter should be sent back to the closest Trannergy office by packing in its original package if possible or other comparable packaging.

Exclusion of Warranty Claims

To provide better service to Trannergy’s End Users, all Trannergy authorized Dealers or Distributors are requested to respond to End Users’ warranty claim. Trannergy will replace any products or parts of the product during the Warranty Period proved to be defective in design or manufacture. Any defects caused by the following circumstances will not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty (the Dealers or Distributors are responsible and authorized by Trannergy for the following investigation):

- Product modified, parts replaced or attempt to maintain;

- Changes, or attempted repairs and erasing of series number or seals by non Trannergy technician;

- Incorrect installation or commissioning;

- Failure to comply with the safety regulations (VDE‐A‐RN‐4105, VDE0126 standards, etc.);

- The Product has been improperly stored (including stored over time) and damaged while being stored by the Dealer or the end user;

- Transport damage (including scratch caused by movement inside packaging during shipping). A Claim should be made directly to shipping company/insurance Company as soon as the container/packaging is unloaded and such damage is identified;

- Failure to follow any/all of the user manual, the installation guide and the maintenance regulations;

- Improper use or misuse of the device;

- Insufficient ventilation of the device;

- Influence of foreign objects and force majeure (lightning, grid overvoltage, severe weather, fire, etc.);

- Customers get the Trannergy product under improper transaction such as with legal dispute, unpaid debt, etc;

- During the warranty period more than 10 years and less than 25 years, the freight and replacement cost is covered by the customer, no matter how long the warranty is extended. Trannergy will offer a repaired product after receiving the defect product in those cases;

- Trannergy reserves the right of final interpretation of all the terms.

Service after Warranty Expiration

For products out of warranty, Trannergy charges on‐site service fee, parts, labor cost and logistic fee to end‐user which can be any/all of:

- On‐site attendance fee: Cost of travel and time for the technician in attending on‐site;

- Parts: Cost of replacement parts (including any shipping/admin fee that may apply);

- Labor: Labor time fee charged for the technician, who is repairing, maintaining, and installing (hardware or software) and debugging the faulty product;

- Logistic fee: Cost of delivery, tariff and other derived expense when defective products are sent from user to Trannergy or/and repaired products are sent from Trannergy to user.

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