Perfect Ending of the ‘First Show in North American’ of Trannergy SGS – US

Perfect Ending of the ‘First Show in North American’ of Trannergy SGS – US

Release Time:2016.09.25    Source:Trannergy

The 13th Solar Power International (hereinafter referred to as?SPI) American International Solar Show in 2016?was held grandly in?Las Vegas Convention Center on September 13.?The show belongs to a solar energy professional exhibition fair with the largest scale in the?United States and even all over the world, and it is also?one of?the?most successful and the most influential International exhibitions in the industry at present. Trannergy ?Power Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.?attended the show?with products.


Gaining?CSA ‘green card’, and?showing SGS – US series?wonderfully.

The opportunity of SPI is utilized. Trannergy ?introduced?star products—-SGS- US series new products. The products are?specially designed for North American market.?Two years were spent, the products passed?CSA certification of in August this year, which won “green card” in the United States and Canada markets. Smooth progress of overseas market development work?ofTrannergy ?is guaranteed on one hand, meanwhile it also lays solid foundation for Trannergy ?to form a perfect security inspection product line in the?throughout the whole North American market.

SGS – US series follows stable and reliable performance of?single machine produced byTrannergy. It has higher power?up to?6-10 kw, which also has?higher efficiency at the same time. The maximum efficiency can reach 98.1%, and?CEC efficiency is up to 97.5%; Secondly, the communication varieties?are?complete,?including RS485, Ethernet and WIFI/GPRS, etc. When users choose communication modes flexibly, each route of group series can be accurately detected, thereby realizing monitoring on key part state. Finally,?the American standard machine can realize remote software upgrading and maintenance.

?The machine appearance belongs to an anti-traditional mode in the aspect of appearance.?Novel manufacturing process is adopted, and its chassis cover is provided with open mold design.?The product is characterized by sleek appearance, beautiful and simple shape. The chassis consists of two cabinets, the lower cabinet can be directly opened, thereby greatly facilitating?daily maintenance work. The?display is as large as?3.5inch LCD, which is clear and intuitive.?Communication state, current frequency,?input voltage, daily power generation, monthly power generation and other data are integrated on the screen. Uses can?directly observe the desired power plant information.


Accurately positioning and?strengthening?global service network system

Trannergy ?service network is distributed all over the world. It not only has many factories and offices in China, but also establishes warehouses and after-sales service centers in?Europe, Australia,?Asia and other regions. It is also equipped with branch companies in?the UK and Australia. In SNEC show, Zheng Boming-General Manager of Trannergy ?clearly described that entrance in?American market is?one of important objectives of Zhaoneng in next stage.


The United States has a fairly broad market potential-?the Senate of the United States approved?the act of promoting 10 million sets of solar systems within 10 years in the United States. It is called ‘10 million roof system’. In addition, ‘Net Power Metering Method’?was approved in 42 states of the United States. 37 states provide investment subsidy or electric price subsidy as well as tax breaks and preferential lending policies?for photovoltaic power generation project.

Trannergy ?proposes very high requirements on own performance of inverter in order to achieve success in?the United States and north American market. Firstly, technology is innovated constantly with technology research and development as keys from the perspective of product,?optimal and comprehensive cost performance is emphasized, thereby adapting to requirement of market application. Secondly, services should be focused, site investigation should be deeply implemented, thereby exploring the approach to rapidly obtaining market demand, and strengthening global service network system of Trannergy.


The ‘First Shown in North America’ of Trannergy ?SGS-US was perfectly ended. Trannergy ?copes with shifting events by sticking to a fundamental principle?in the constantly-changing international market environment?full of challenges. It?always adheres to ‘innovative products, accurate market positioning and?perfect service system’, thereby making contribution to development of global PV industry.?

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