Interview with Dr. Zheng – General Manager of Trannergy: Photovoltaic + Solar-thermal Distributed New Era

Interview with Dr. Zheng – General Manager of Trannergy: Photovoltaic + Solar-thermal Distributed New Era

Release Time:2016.05.10    Source:Trannergy

Newly-increased installed capacity of Chinese solar power generation?reached a new height in 2015.?Installed capacity of newly-increased photovoltaic power generation is?15GW with an increase of 40%. Cumulative installed capacity is about 43GW, AND accumulative installed capacity has ranked No. 1 all over the world. 2016 is the first year to implement?‘the 13th?five year’ plan. China?photovoltaic industry development?environment is better and better continuously with?continuous expansion of foreign and domestic PV market?as well as gradual improvement of international trade environment.

Before ‘2016 Nanjing Solar-thermal +?PV?Elite Training Camp-the 1st?‘Yangguangchuangke’?Wealth BBS’?is held, the reporter has the honor to interview?Dr. Zheng Hongtao- General Manager of Trannergy?Power Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.?(hereinafter referred to as?‘Trannergy’). In the interview, both parties deeply discussed many hot issues in China PV?industry and market.

Author:?please describe major aspects embodying competitiveness of Trannergy?as a high-tech enterprise.

Zheng Hongtao:?Trannergy, as a brand enterprise in photovoltaic industry, has been committed to become a new energy?driver,?thereby providing clients with high-quality and efficient photovoltaic products and solutions. Trannergy?always adheres?to customer demand as the goal?since it was founded in 2010?to present, and it relies on innovation to promote enterprise development. The company?does?not pursue blind?expansion, which puts?all?power to pursue customer satisfaction. The company hopes?to main high reputation of the company among clients through efforts.

The company constantly improves?and optimizes?product performance?through product use experience accumulation for many years, thereby products can be kept at a lower product failure rate, these are objectives which are constantly pursued by us, and they are also values for our existence.

Author: How do you comment on development Trannergy?in?2015? How about the proportion in domestic and foreign market? How do you think about development opportunity of photovoltaic industry in 2016?

Zheng Hongtao: Trannergy?realized steady growth in 2015. Annual shipment, operating income and net profit reached new height in the history record. Annual sales reached 160 million Yuan. Trannergy?was rated as Shanghai Xiaojuren cultivation enterprise in 2015. It is also one of top 50 enterprises?among export enterprises in Jiading District. The achievements are rare in Shanghai where powerful enterprises are available everywhere.

In 2015,?main market of Trannergy?is also located in foreign countries, especially in some European countries. The share of Trannergy?inverter is very high.?However, Trannergy?strengthened emphasize in domestic market in the second half of 2015. It also won high performance in domestic market.

Current ‘two sessions’?show that the domestic photovoltaic industry is good as a whole?in 2016. Firstly, opportunity is brought by ecological environment. Environmental pollution?and smog?are available. China has?been on the necessary road of new energy development currently. Meanwhile, very large market development space is brought to popular application of string inverters with rapid development of domestic distributed power station construction.

Author:?How to combine solar-thermal and photovoltaic industries for win-win situation in 2016?

Zheng Hongtao: as the theme of the conference,?joint cooperation and integrated development of photovoltaic and solar-thermal?industries are required for developing solar industry in 2016. China?solar-thermal?technique has been developed for more than 30 years, thereby solar-thermal companies have thousands of?and even ten thousands of?sales and business channel advantages. However, distributed PV power distribution is not the same as solar heater in order to enter PV industry, they are greatly different in product attributes, and PV also has higher requirements on technology, design, installation,?maintenance, etc.

As the saying goes, ‘winning the word by winning the channel’, well-developed retail channels of solar-thermal enterprises are very attractive for photovoltaic industry. We are very optimistic for the achievement which can be achieved by domestic solar-thermal enterprises in the field of civil and commercial photovoltaics. However, Trannergy?is positioned as equipment supplier itself. Therefore, Trannergy?hopes to utilize own technology advantages, and combine channel advantages of solar-thermal enterprises for jointly developing China PV market in 2016. We believe that domestic market share can be prominently improved in 2016, and China distributed market can obtain blasting opportunity?in 2016.

Author:?what are new approaches of Trannergy?in domestic market layout in addition to the channel development?

Zheng Hongtao: we have been adhering to corporate positioning of equipment suppliers, our work aims at doing well in sales and after-sales services, we will do well in own products and services, thereby providing clients with values. Therefore, we will establish after-sales service center and sales offices in the key sales area, thereby providing door-to-door services for our distribution partners, and solving trouble of clients.

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