CCTV Reports Photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation Project in Jiangxi, Trannergy Photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation Method is Focused.

CCTV Reports Photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation Project in Jiangxi, Trannergy Photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation Method is Focused.

Release Time:2016.10.25    Source:Trannergy


CCTV Xinwen Lianbo broadcast distributed photovoltaic power generation system of Liu Ganfeng-a poor villager in Feilong Village, Liuche Town, Xunwu County, Jiangxi Province on October 13, 2016.

According to introduction of Liu Ganfeng, his current income is 400 to 500 Yuan, namely 5000 Yuan or so for the whole year. Local characteristics are focused. Xunwu County regards distributed photovoltaic industry as the poverty alleviation industry for development. Photovoltaic equipment is equipped for farmers without any payment. Farmers can enjoy government subsidies and fiscal interest loans Income can be obtained if the equipment is managed well. ‘PV poverty alleviation’ ?brings immediate results for poor households to get out of poverty.


Trannergy?Power Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is the inverter provider behind the poverty alleviation project described Liu Ganfeng. In the report, Trannergy?product and LOGO frequently appear, which also fully shows leading position and brand value of Trannergy?in domestic photovoltaic industry.



Minzong system precise poverty alleviation seminar was held in Dongxiang County, Fuzhou, Jiangxi Province on October 14. Jiangxi Fuzhou Dongxiang PV power generation precise poverty alleviation project was successfully integrated recently as Minzong system precise poverty alleviation demonstration base. The project is another work of Trannergy?in Jiangxi. The installed capacity is 308.88 KW. Total power generation will be 7678756KW for 25 years.


(Jiangxi Fuzhou Dongxiang county poverty alleviation project)图片5

(Jiangxi Fuzhou Minzong system precise poverty alleviation work seminar)

Acting as ‘a strong back force’ of PV poverty alleviation sample project

Jiangxi poverty alleviation project of Trannergy?set a benchmark in the industry, which lays solid foundation for poverty alleviation work of poverty households in Jiangxi Province. Other poverty regions in Jiangxi, represented by Ganzhou and Fuzhou, have long-term and stable source of economy. In addition, Trannergy?shows strong strength in many photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects in Henan Anyang, Anhui Jieshou and even the whole Jiangxi Province.

Decryption of PV poverty alleviation road of Trannergy?

As a first year of the ’13th?Five-year Plan’, Jieshou of Anhui perfects responded in June 2016- 1.86MW poverty alleviation PV power station in Jieshou of Anhui, lasting for five months, was formally connected into the grid for power generation. The government attaches great importance to the Jieshou Project. Therefore, review and acceptance are very strict. Trannergy?inverters were accepted successfully by own strength. A total of more than 200 full-series inverters developed and produced by Trannergy?are selected in the project, including all models of Trannergy?SGNTRI/TRB/TRM and other series of photovoltaic grid inverters.



(Anhui Jieshou poverty alleviation project)

At the end of the month, Henan Anyang Huaxian County PV Precise Poverty Alleviation Pilot Project was successfully connected to the grid for power generation. Uniform cell panels, orderly inverters are installed. Clean solar energy will be silently converted into electricity, thereby providing endless power for Huaxian to get rid of poverty. The project lasts for one and half month only. Trannergy?relies on their own professional team and innovative technology to participate in 21 PV poverty alleviation projects in Wagangzhai Township, Sangcun Township, Wangu Town, Liugu Town, etc. Total installed capacity is 887 kilowatts. It covers 887 households of impoverished residents. After the power station is operated, it is expected that annual power generation can be up to e more than 1.08 million KWH on average. Monthly power generation can be up to more than 90000 KWH. PV poverty alleviation power station can enjoy benchmark electricity price subsidy of 1 Yuan/KWH in accordance with regulations of the state on photovoltaic (pv) relevant subsidies. Economic benefits of more than 90000 Yuan can be produced each year, thereby 887 poverty households can annually increase income of 1000-1200 Yuan each year. Previous status of relying on minimum relief fund and other civil assistance fund for maintaining life status in the past, thereby bringing ‘sunshine fortune to poverty farmers.

Furthermore, Trannergy?also assisted Shanghai Laonongtang Roof Project. It successfully becomes the first ‘private PV power generation station’ ?constructed in old lanes of Shanghai urban area. It is widely transmitted by Shanghai Radio News Channel and other local media;


(Trannergy?assisted old lanes in Shanghai)

In addition to the above poverty alleviation case, Trannergy?also engaged in thousand-household roof PV projects in 2013, including Jiangxi Ganzhou, Yingtan, Jiujiang, Shangjao, Nanchang, Yichun and Fuzhou. Jiangxi Yudu County photovoltaic poverty alleviation project, Jiangxi photovoltaic poverty alleviation project, etc. are powerful testimony of Trannergy?to engage in poverty alleviation career.

Photovoltaic poverty alleviation provides new ideas for enterprise development.

China will comprehensively implement PV poverty alleviation project in national poverty alleviation counties with annual solar energy utilization for more than 1000 hours during the period of ‘the 13th?Five-year Plan’ About 3 million poverty households without labor ability are covered, wherein archives are established, thereby bringing at least cash income of 3000 Yuan for each poverty household each year.

?’Photovoltaic poverty alleviation’ ?is developed more and more rapidly in the industry. It leads to huge waves in PV industry. The state clearly shows that it will support PV poverty alleviation. All financial enterprises responded the policy and provided fund support-thereby providing chances for development of PV enterprises.

?Trannergy?grasps the opportunities. It insists on ‘excellence pursuit’ ?Trannergy?spirit on one hand for continuous exploration in the inverter field on one hand. It silently cultivates for exploring wide overseas market on the other hand. Furthermore, it becomes one of the first batch of PV inverter manufacturers which are qualified in China energy standard NB/T32004-2013. It becomes the first batch of enterprises obtaining CQC ‘PV leader’ ?certification in China.

?Photovoltaic poverty alleviation is regarded as one of precise poverty alleviation means which is explored and driven at the national level. It is a long-term task. Trannergy?will always maintain high sense of social responsibility, strictly control quality, and exert the role of industry leadership and regulation.

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